Long before either became famous, George R.R. Martin and David Weininger, PHD fell in love with Santa Fe. they shared a sense of responsibility, borne of a sense of great potential and deep affection for their town.

Weininger knew that finding your passion and doing great work, while not always easy, was how one builds a rewarding career and successful life. Indeed, Weininger himself was tireless: a brilliant scientist, businessman, musician, filmmaker, pilot, rafter, amateur astronomer and all-around nice guy. He invented the groundbreaking, comprehensive chemical nomenclature, SMILES  (Simplified Molecular Input Line Entry Specification) and played a major role in evolving the field of chemical informatics. Weininger's efforts contributed in no small way to Santa Fe being dubbed the Silicon Mesa (as chronicled in the book, The Info Mesa (Norton)). He'd invite friends from far and wide to his Stagecoach Observatory, which he designed and built on his property.

Weininger's commitment to Santa Fe (along with his company headquarters) was entrusted, upon his passing in November 2016, to Martin, who then dedicated Stagecoach Foundation to fulfilling their joint vision. 

Stagecoach Founder



George R.R. Martin, world-renown author, film maker, and resident of Santa Fe has always believed in the transformative power of creativity, dedication and community.



David Weininger, trailblazing innovator, artist and scientific virtuoso, knew that Santa Fe could match its creative excellence with leadership in film and technology.