Roswell, New Mexico Debuts with Stagecoach Foundation Talent,

Onscreen and Behind the Scenes

The CW’s new sci-fi series worked with Stagecoach Foundation to find young New Mexican actors and crew.

(SANTA FE, NEW MEXICO) — When the CW series Roswell, New Mexico debuts tomorrow, New Mexicans will recognize their state’s unforgettable landscapes and landmarks. They will also have the chance to admire fellow New Mexicans’ varied talents; during filming of its initial episodes, the series employed thousands of locals as background talent and crew.

Among those who contributed to the series’ shoots and post production were several Stagecoach Foundation students and volunteers, along with local youth who found roles on the series through a Stagecoach-organized casting call. Stagecoach volunteer Tanysha Yellowhorse was an office production assistant for Roswell, New Mexico, helping with call sheets and other aspects of bringing a TV shoot to fruition. Stagecoach Foundation partner Mango Post, an industry-leading post-production company, hired Dwayne Joe to assist with their work on the series. Joe, whom Stagecoach Foundation introduced to Mango Post CEO Stan Cassio, helped with digital dailies. Additionally, a free workshop last month on how to strike and dock a set, held at Stagecoach Foundation’s Set & Prop House, was led by Roswell, New Mexico’s gang boss (crew lead), Sam Ramirez.

On the onscreen side, Stagecoach Foundation arranged a casting call for background talent in September. Attendees presented their headshots — some of which were from a Stagecoach Foundation free headshots session earlier that week, with Santa Fe photographer Carol Skipwith  — and demonstrated their talents to the Roswell, New Mexico casting directors. Omar Oliver was among the attendees to end up onscreen; he impressed the auditioners by performing a rap about the show.

“We see our role at Stagecoach Foundation as moving our community forward, whether that’s through free community events like the Roswell, New Mexico casting call or by finding people jobs, plain and simple,” said Stagecoach Foundation Coordinator Dr. Elizabeth Kianu Stahmer. “We couldn’t be more thrilled to have helped young New Mexicans find positions on the show, and we are especially grateful to the Roswell, New Mexico team for being so wonderfully supportive of our community at every step of the production process. They were dedicated to hiring local talent. It’s because of such dedication that our film industry here in New Mexico has so many opportunities to flourish.”

Roswell, New Mexico is a reboot of the popular science-fiction series Roswell, which ran for 61 episodes from 1999 to 2002. Premiering Tuesday, January 15, 2019, on the CW, Roswell, New Mexico stars Jeanine Mason and Nathan Parsons and is produced by Amblin Television, Bender Brown Productions, CBS Television Studios, the CW Network, and Warner Brothers Television. Please check local listings for times. For trailers and more information, visit

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