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New Mexico's Rising Film Talent  

Stagecoach Foundation and Mango Post team up to hire local New Mexicans interested in working in post-production, continue to teach aspiring New Mexican filmmakers and find them jobs in post-production. 

(SANTA FE, NEW MEXICO) — (SANTA FE, NEW MEXICO) — Stagecoach Foundation is pleased to announce a new collaboration with Mango Post, the industry-leading post production company behind such series and films as Minority Report, Goliath and Empire. As part of an ongoing relationship between the educational / outreach foundation and the LA based film editing company, a new program will allow two local New Mexicans to work directly with Mango Post staff. Mango Post will also be hiring two local rising filmmakers to work on New Mexico‒based summer 2018 productions.

The relationship between Stagecoach Foundation and Mango Post has been an exciting journey, from Mango’s initial tenancy at Stagecoach while they were working on the Neil deGrasse Tyson series Cosmos, to Mango CEO Stan Cassio’s teaching of the popular Stagecoach Foundation class Editing 101. Both Mango Post and Stagecoach Foundation are committed to the future of filmmaking through a series of hands-on, accessible programming. Together, both institutions are dedicated to ensuring that future film crew members are as creative and visionary as the greats who paved the way before them.

Stagecoach Foundation and Mango Post are delighted to have found two exceptional rising stars in the New Mexico film community: Dwayne Joe and Frank Quatrone will be Mango Post dailies operators. Dwayne and Frank will be part of the Mango team for summer series shoots. Dwayne will work on Roswell, a reboot of the popular science-fiction series for the CW network. Frank will work on the Netflix production WalkRideRodeo, the inspiring story about paralyzed barrel racer Amberley Snyder. Both will learn the processes of digital dailies and working with raw footage.

Stagecoach Foundation works with many New Mexicans and helps their dreams come true by finding them jobs. "There is no question that the talent exists here in our community,” Stagecoach Foundation Executive Director Marisa Xochtl Jimenez says. “We travel across New Mexico and work with educational institutions and film offices to find the talent and connect them with our film/TV productions.”

Dwayne Joe, from Shiprock, New Mexico, is a Diné-Hopi filmmaker who earned his BFA from the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe with a major in Cinematic Arts and Technology. He directed and produced the award-winning short documentary film Big Sister Rug, about the world’s largest hand-woven Navajo rug. He has worked as a cinematographer for Santa Fe’s Indigenous Language Institute and a graphic designer for KOB-TV in Albuquerque.

Frank Quatrone, from Boise, Idaho, is a graduate of the Santa Fe University of Art and Design, from which he received a BFA in film production. Frank has already participated in numerous professional and independently produced shoots, ranging from narrative features to music videos. He has been a director, script supervisor, sound designer, and more.

Both Dwayne and Frank expressed excitement about these opportunities and what it they means for their careers in the film industry. “This is a really big opportunity, and it came at a great time for me,” Frank says of the position. “It’s hard to score gigs like this when you’re right out of college and trying to figure out the whole film scene….I’m hoping this will open up a lot more doors and opportunities.” Dwayne was “blown away—I was really excited that I got the opportunity to fill that position!” As soon as he got the job, he started to research and prepare for his involvement on Roswell. “I can’t wait to start,” he added.

Stagecoach Foundation

Stagecoach Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, dedicated to the production of great works alongside economic opportunity for New Mexico's underserved youth and young adults. Job creation training in support of Santa Fe's economy, with a particular focus on film, education and technology, is built into the Stagecoach Foundation mission. By bringing film and tv productions, as well as tech projects, to Santa Fe, and working directly with local efforts to help grow film and tech initiatives from the ground up, Stagecoach Foundation connects working film and digital art/tech professionals to young people eager for education, information and real-world skills training. Stagecoach Foundation hosts free workshops, hands-on training programs and internships, creating once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for New Mexico's youth. Stagecoach Foundation is committed to inspiring the next generation of filmmakers and tech professionals, and providing them with the experiences to help them realize their dreams.

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