From Stagecoach to Set

Stagecoach Foundation helps connect talented young filmmakers with the local productions that need them.

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(SANTA FE, NEW MEXICO) — Stagecoach Foundation wishes to congratulate its students and volunteers for the roles they have earned on high-profile local productions. Two Stagecoach team members recently joined the CW television show Roswell, New Mexico, a reboot of the popular science-fiction series Roswell. Two other Stagecoachers worked on the set of a music video produced by Stagecoach partner Meow Wolf, for the musician Carlos Medina.

Stagecoach volunteer Tanysha Yellowhorse was hired as an office production assistant on Roswell, New Mexico, while another Stagecoach student earned the role of set production assistant. Stagecoach volunteers Talon Buffalo Heart Stahmer and Adrian Marcais provided assistance on the set of the Medina music video, which was released to coincide with the album El Cantador. Medina is Meow Wolf’s first staff recording artist.

On set, the Stagecoach students and volunteers have continued the hands-on training that is at the core of Stagecoach Foundation’s educational values. “I’ve been learning every single day,” Yellowhorse said of her time on the Roswell, New Mexico set. Yellowhorse volunteered at a Stagecoach Foundation film workshop at Santa Ana Pueblo in July, where students learned how to make music videos using iPads.

Stahmer, a frequent volunteer at the Stagecoach Foundation Set & Prop House, described how at the Medina video shoot, “We did some things that I’ve never actually even considered being able to do, especially not as my first time being a production assistant, so that was really exciting for me.” Working on the set broadened Stahmer’s scope of what they wish to explore professionally, they explained.

Of the Stagecoach Foundation, Stahmer said, “One of the strongest things about it is that it is teaching all of the people who come to it some very functional knowledge about the industry. … It’s trying to help us become active members of the filmmaking industry. And in doing that, it also introduces young filmmakers to one another, where they can find further resources and allies.”

Stagecoach Foundation is dedicated to training young filmmakers on all aspects of making a video, show, or movie, to prepare them for successful careers in the film industry. Working closely with local partners and productions — some of which take up residency on Stagecoach Foundation premises during the course of a shoot — members of the Stagecoach team work to ensure that aspiring filmmakers connect with established ones. In the case of Roswell, New Mexico, that connection has also involved a collaboration on a casting call and a Stagecoach field trip to the set. The partnership between Stagecoach and Meow Wolf has included a series of educational events such as artist talks with industry leaders.

Stagecoach Foundation wishes to thank the Roswell, New Mexico and Meow Wolf teams for their contribution to the educational and professional development of young New Mexican filmmakers. “Working together, we can ensure that the future of New Mexico film is a bright one,” said Marisa X. Jimenez, Executive Director of the Stagecoach Foundation. “We are thrilled to see so many local productions working with the young people whose creativity, artistic curiosity and pure hard work give us so much to look forward to on the New Mexico film landscape.”

About Stagecoach Foundation

Stagecoach Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, dedicated to the production of great works alongside economic opportunity for New Mexico's underserved youth and young adults. Job creation training in support of Santa Fe's economy, with a particular focus on Film, Education and Technology, is built into the Stagecoach Foundation mission. By bringing film and tv productions, as well as tech projects, to New Mexico, and working directly with local efforts to help grow film and tech initiatives from the ground up, Stagecoach Foundation connects working film and digital art/tech professionals to young people eager for education, information and real-world skills training. Stagecoach Foundation hosts free workshops, hands-on training programs and internships, creating once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for New Mexico's youth. Stagecoach Foundation is committed to inspiring the next generation of filmmakers and tech professionals, and providing them with the experiences to help them realize their dreams.

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