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Creative Movement Class for Actors & Actresses 

Our first class was so successful, we're doing it again!  

Sunday, April 22, 2018 • 10:00 aM - 11:30 AM
IAIA University Campus
Dance Studio
83 A VAN NU PO, Santa Fe, NM 87508

All Ages Welcome!

Stagecoach Foundation invites you to a free creative movement class with Andrew Pearson,

Take the class again - or take it for the first time

Unique opportunity strikes again in April 2018 to experience a master creative movement class with Andrew Pearson. Movement is integral to performance; don't hesitate to learn how to improve your performance by taking this class! Pearson is a Los Angeles-based dancer, performer, educator, and creator with roots in the technique and approaches of Lester Horton and Bella Lewitzky; extensive involvement in the contemporary landscape of LA concert dance; experience in commercial, theatrical, and experimental work, as well as international teaching and performance; and artistic pursuits fueled by a curiosity in the inner workings of the human psyche mixed with a penchant for amusement.

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Why is Stagecoach Foundation offering a Creative Movement Class?

Stagecoach Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, dedicated to the production of great works alongside economic opportunity for New Mexico's underserved youth and young adults. Job creation training in support of Santa Fe's economy, with a particular focus on Film, Education and Technology, is built into the Stagecoach Foundation mission. By bringing such opportunities to Santa Fe, Stagecoach Foundation helps Northern New Mexico's youth accrue valuable experience. Such classes support these young artists' growth while creating the kind of real-world, resume-building effort that casting directors love to see!

Stagecoach Foundation is committed to inspiring the next generation of performers, and providing them with the experiences to help them realize their dreams.

What kind of experience does Andrew Pearson offer?

"As an educator, I crossbreed the ideals of a nerdy academic with a sassy socialite.  Operating under the belief that dance is a social activity, I approach teaching as a sharing of ideas, experiences, and passions. I place an equal value on form alongside self-expression, historical context alongside pop-culture, the virtuosic alongside the pedestrian, and hard work alongside enjoyment. I aim to provide tools that will allow movers to find both strength and freedom in their bodies in order to awaken our potential as well as our pleasure in movement.  My class has been influenced by classical and contemporary dance techniques, somatic practices, a background as a fitness instructor and yoga practitioner, and late nights on the dance floor."


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